AI4NET – Huawei Research Chair AI for Anomalous Traffic Analysis

On Tuesday the 19 of May, we’ll have the (virtual) kickoff meeting of the AI4NET project – the Huawei Research Chair on AI for Anomalous Traffic analysis.
It marks the start of an exiting collaboration between SmartData@PoliTO and Huawei Datacom FRC lab in Paris on topics related to network data analysis for anomaly detection using novel approaches. We’ll investigate automatic methods to assist in the monitoring of increasingly complex networks and in the automatic identification of anomalies, in the context of cybersecurity to face always more complex network attacks.

Intelligent botnets, automatic identification of anomalies in darknets, machine learning and AI to scale and automatize the analysis process. All cool topics we’ll be working on with colleagues in Huawei Datacom FRC lab, Paris.

Participants: Marco Mellia, Idilio Drago, Luca Vassio, Danilo Giordano, Francesca Soro, Thomas Favale