The SmartData@PoliTO center focuses on Big Data technologies, Data Science and Machine Learning approaches.
We blend interdisciplinary people and competences from different domains to provide cross-domain solutions to the widest spectrum of knowledge discovery challenges, by leveraging advanced expertise in data science, from data management, to data modeling, analytics, and engineering.
We are a well-recognized center where experts in methodologies and domain experts from various disciplines work in a single space, facing both theoretical problems and helping companies toward applications.

Open Datasets & Libraries

OSN Fanbase Variation Trends

This repository contains data and information regarding the paper: F. Bertone, L. Vassio, and M. Trevisan, “The Stock Exchange of Influencers: A Financial Approach for Studying Fanbase Variation Trends,” To appear in: Proceedings of the 2021 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining, 2021 In many online social networks (OSNs), a […]

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29 SETTEMBRE 2021 – Aula Magna – Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24 – Politecnico di Torino Ricerca, trasferimento tecnologico e supporto alle aziende sui temi fondamentali dei Big Data, Intelligenza Artificiale, la robotica e la rivoluzione digitale Il workshop illustra le iniziative e competenze dei Centri del Politecnico di Torino nel contesto della digital revolution, […]

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Your Privacy on Websites: How do they use browser permissions?

In collaboration with the SmartData Center, the master student Vito Gambina is carrying out a thesis in the context of the Pimcity project, a European project that aims to improve and make users’ Internet browsing safer.  We made two scripts (Windows and Mac or Linux) to collect your Chrome preferences to understand users’ awareness over their data and, at the end […]

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Machine learning in network management for improving QoE of RTC applications

Presenter: Dena MarkudovaThursday, June 10th, 2021 17:30Location: Microsoft Teams – click here to join Dena Markudova: Machine learning in network management for improving QoE of RTC applications. With the spread of broadband Internet, Real-Time Communication (RTC) platforms have become increasingly popular and have transformed the way people communicate. Thus, it is fundamental that the network […]

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