The SmartData@PoliTO center focuses on Big Data technologies, and Data Science approaches. It blends interdisciplinary people and competences from different domains to provide cross-domain solutions to the widest spectrum of knowledge discovery challenges, by leveraging advanced expertise in data science, from data management, to data modeling, analytics, and engineering. It is a well-recognized center where experts in methodologies, and domain experts from various disciplines work in a single space, facing both theoretical problems and helping companies toward applications.


Unconventional regularisation for efficient and sustainable machine learning

Presenter: Lorenzo Rosasco – Associate Professor at the University of Genova Monday the 11 March 2019 at 15:00 Location: Politecnico di Torino, DET, Conference room Maxwell Abstract Classic algorithm design is based on penalising or imposing explicit constraints to an empirical, objective function, which is eventually optimised. In practice, however, a number of different algorithmic […]

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Alta Scuola Politecnica: Winter School 2019

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: promises and pitfalls in blending new and traditional approaches in manufacturing and service sectors ASP XIVcycle – Winter School 2019 Location: Loano (SV), Italy When: March, 11 –15 The course intends to explore the main challenges and perils produced by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the way it requires to balance […]

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Thanks for the success of the 4th SmartData@PoliTO Workshop!

Thanks for the success of the 4th SmartData@PoliTO Workshop! Starting from the speakers to the many people who joined the event. A special thanks goes also to the workshop organizers for their big engagement. We are uploading talk’s slides on the Workshop pages (for both internal and open session). See you next time!

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Open Datasets & Libraries

Car sharing simulator

This simulator is a trace-drive simulator which relies on the real data coming from Car2go, a car sharing provider working in 25 cities spread around the world. Please notice that the code is available, but the data is subjected to some restrictions. If you are interested on the data, please contact: or Simulator […]

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