The SmartData@PoliTO center focuses on Big Data technologies, Data Science and Machine Learning approaches.
We blend interdisciplinary people and competences from different domains to provide cross-domain solutions to the widest spectrum of knowledge discovery challenges, by leveraging advanced expertise in data science, from data management, to data modeling, analytics, and engineering.
We are a well-recognized center where experts in methodologies and domain experts from various disciplines work in a single space, facing both theoretical problems and helping companies toward applications.

Open Datasets & Libraries

Temporal Dynamics of Followers’ Engagement on Online Social Networks

This repository contains data and information regarding the papers: L. Vassio, M. Garetto, C. Chiasserini, and E. Leonardi. Temporal Dynamics of Posts and User Engagement of Influencers on Facebook and Instagram. 2021 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM), 2021. DOI: 10.1145/3487351.3488340 L. Vassio, M. Garetto, C. Chiasserini, and E. […]

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Strengthening the IoT Ecosystem: Privacy Preserving IoT Security Management

Presenter: Anna Maria MandalariWednesday, July 5th, 2022 11:00Location: SmartData@Covivio We are seeing an increasing abundance of potentially intrusive and privacy-invasive IoT devices in our lives, from smart city projects to the connected home. In this talk, I will explore my longer-term research vision toward building an IoT user-centred ecosystem which is privacy-aware, secure, efficient, and […]

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SmartData officially sponsors the ADBIS 2022 conference

This year SmartData@PoliTO will contribute to the ADBIS 2022 conference as sponsor by offering 4 registrations to promote the presentation of research on database theory, development of advanced DBMS technologies and solutions for data engineering and analytics, and their advanced applications. Looking forward to listen exciting presentations!

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Robust Deep Networks via Gaussian Class-Conditional Loss

Presenter: Tiziano BianchiWednesday, June 22nd, 2022 17:00Location: SmartData@Covivio Deep networks have shown remarkable performance in complex visual and classification tasks. However, their use in security sensitive applications raises serious concerns, as they can be targeted by adversaries. One of the most severe threats is represented by adversarial perturbations, a collection of methods that interfere with […]

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