Bypass frauds in cellular networks: from Financial strikes to Data poisoning

Presenter: Anne Josiane Kouam
Thursday, June 6th, 2024 10:00 AM
Location: Sala Grande Covivio, Corso Ferrucci 112


Fraud within cellular networks poses a persistent and multifaceted challenge. This presentation delves into the intricacies of “international bypass fraud,” a particularly insidious form of deception that extends its impact beyond conventional understanding. Indeed, this fraud’s repercussions span diverse domains, from substantial financial losses to data poisoning.

Nevertheless, bypass fraud remains an ongoing issue eluding past detection due to the continual refinement of fraudulent behavior. As such bypass fraud exemplifies fraudsters’ resilience to detection methods by leveraging hardware and software innovations. Hence, this talk will also explore the intricacies of bypass fraud detection and propose possibilities for tailored countermeasures to strengthen cellular network defenses against persistent threats.


Anne Josiane Kouam is a post-doctoral researcher at TU Berlin and member of the Machine Learning and Security team. She obtained her PhD from INRIA Saclay and Ecole Polytechnique, France, in May 2023. With a focus on privacy and security in Mobile and Cellular networks, her research investigates the evolving landscape of threats, particularly those arising from the intersection of Machine Learning and network security.

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