Thomas Favale

PhD Student - Cybersecurity, Network Traffic Anonymization, BigData

PhD Scolarship: Strengthening IoT Privacy and Security
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Thomas Favale comes from Brindisi (Italy) and was born on April 1st, 1994. He got his Master Degree in Computer Engineering, specializing in the network branch, in 2019 at Politecnico di Torino.
From May 2019 he started the Ph.D. at Politecnico di Torino under the supervision of Professor Marco Mellia, joining the Interdepartmental Center for SmartData@PoliTo. His research activity was developed in collaboration with Huawei Paris Research Center with the vision of a novel environment to enhance Cybersecurity. He addressed first of all the problem of anonymisation of network traffic. He developed ⍺-Mon: a tool capable of applying a new form of real-time anonymization for streaming traffic, called z-anonymity. This system is the entry-point for a complex Honeypots and Darknets systems on which he studied the hitting malicious traffic leading to its complete characterization and the discovery of new vulnerabilities.
During his Ph.D he collaborated with external companies in the fields of cybersecurity and data analysis. He worked with Telefónica and the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburgon on a Big Data analysis project for the evaluation of IoT devices behavior, with the objective of improve knowledge and technology on a continuously evolving field.
He was involved in a collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo Bank for anomaly detection and financial frauds.

Thomas obtained his Ph.D on January 13, 2023.