Unlocking potential of Data and Analytics for value generation

McKinsey & Company presents “DATA SCIENTISTS ON TOUR”: a unique opportunity to learn how Data Science generate value for the business and how distinctive knowledge is turned into professional growth.

McKinsey Advanced Analytics is a global network of professionals: inside the Company, Data Scientists are at the center of the McKinsey’s analytical engine, to carry out complex modeling and data analysis, providing tailored quantitative solutions for our Clients. In their work, they use a broad range of internal and external sources and access to our distinctive knowledge and outstanding international network of analytics experts.

Scheduling and Location
18/5/2018 — 16:00 @ Room 1B (Click for the map)


  • Data Science in McKinsey and presentation of the Analytics Lab
  • App|ying Data Science to address business problems
  • Case study (interactive): from problem statement to technical solution
  • Getting in touch with McKinsey Analytics