Assistant Professorship in Data Analysis

We are pleased to announce the 2018 recruitment of an Assistant Professor within the SmartData@PoliTO.

We invite outstanding candidates to express their interests for a full-time non-tenured position (assistant professor RTD-A) in Data Science and Big Data, in areas of:

  • Algorithms and methodologies for data analysis, with interest on big data processing, data mining, deep learning, and supervised and unsupervised machine learning, such as rule mining, classification and predictions, anomaly detection, clustering.
  • Methodologies for data modeling based on statistics, computational topology and geometry with application to data analysis, and study of hybrid systems that merge big data with simulation approaches.
  • Applications of Big Data and Data Science approaches to fields such as cybersecurity, predictive maintenance, anomaly detection in time series, etc. and to domains like internet traffic analysis, production systems, power grids, IoT systems, protein sequencing, etc.


Candidates must hold a PhD on topics strictly related to data analysis/data science from a leading research university and a clear record of research/analysis activity. Experience in project participation/coordination and student mastering would be a plus, especially in collaboration with companies. 


The successful candidate shall exhibit interest and experience in applying data science approaches to real-world applied projects. Support to create a private consulting center is an option for interested candidates. Successful candidates will show a passionate drive for research in their own field and will cooperate with the SmartData@PoliTO in their activities. Teaching (40hours/year) could be either in English, in Italian, or both.  Appointment is full-time, not tenured, and funding cover the position for 3 years. The salary is as per law in Italy — with opportunity to get extra funding via collaborations with companies.

Application procedure

People interested in the position shall send

  1. A curriculum vitae, including list of publications and teaching experience (in English or Italian)
  2. 3-page (max) research statement
  3. (optional) up to 3 recommendation letters

Please, send the above to by June 30th 2018.

Politecnico di Torino is committed to increasing the number of international and female scholars among its faculty. Therefore, we especially welcome applications from international and female scholars. 

This call is only a preliminary stage aimed to collect expressions of interest, and it is not a formal application for positions. Academic positions in Italy can only be awarded through a public competition or direct appointment. We expect the formal application to be open in July 2018.

About the Center

The SmartData@PoliTO center focuses on Big Data technologies, and Data Science approaches. It merges competences from different domains to build a well-recognized center where experts in machine learning algorithms, data modeling, statistics, management, and domain experts from various engineering disciplines work together, facing both theoretical problems and helping companies toward applications.

Scope and goals – Data is changing the way problems are approached, and more and more phenomenological models are being complemented by data driven approaches. Big data and data science are interdisciplinary fields addressing the extraction of knowledge and value from data. Machine learning, data mining, statistics, signal processing, graph modeling are among the fundamentals of big data and data science. Only if well-matched, data scientists and domain experts have the power to make data “smart”. SmartData@PoliTO mixes these fundamentals by coupling data, applications, and the specialized knowledge of technical and business domains. The core of SmartData@PoliTO is made of scholars specialized on algorithms, computing architecture, applications and management.

Multidisciplinary and open – The center is formed by  experts with multidisciplinary competences. 30+ professors from 7 areas are involved in the center, working in tight collaboration with companies, other centers and labs. This multidisciplinary and transversal approach makes SmartData@PoliTO radically different from other initiatives in Italian universities, which keep the vertical shape forced by departmental structures.


Expression of Interest for Assistant Professor in PDF format

Expression of Interest for Assistant Professor in TXT format