Workshop: Amazon AWS Cloud Services – Technologies and Opportunities

Presenter: Piergiorgio Malusardi (AWS Solution Architect – Public Sector)
Tuesday, May 7th – from 13:30 to 18:00
Maxwell Room 5th Floor DET – Corso Castelfidardo, 42/a

This workshop is organized to understand all the opportunities offered by cloud solutions and AWS in particular. We will discuss technical details about the infrastructure, virtualization services, storage solutions and finally deep dive on Machine Learning/Deep Learning accelerating infrastructure.

The technical depth targets researchers, PhD students and IT experts willing to get a focus on Amazon cloud solutions.

This workshop is organized in collaboration with CSP innovazione nelle ICT and project Smart-Space.

REGISTRATION is free and it is STRICTLY REQUIRED to access the event, seats are limited: please use the following link. 

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  1. Welcome introduction
    • Presentation of HCP4AI Project: a new infrastructure for collaboration with SME in Piedmont (Marco Mellia – Coordinator of SmartData@PoliTO center)
    • IoT, Satellites and Big Data: which challenges? (Roberto Borri – CSP innovazione nelle ICT)
  2. Introduction to AWS global infrastructure – Piergiorgio Malusardi (AWS Solution Architect – Public Sector)

    • The Regions
    • The Availability Zones
    • The Global Network
    • The Points of Presence
  3. Introduction to AWS Compute services
    • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    • Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)
    • Container Services (ECS, ECR, Fargate)
    • Lambda Functions
  4. Introduction to AWS Storage services
    • Simple Storage Service (S3) object store
    • Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
    • Elastic File Services
    • FXs for Lustre and FXs for Windows
  5. Introduction to AWS Machine Learning and Deep Learning services
    • ML/DL Stack on AWS
    • The Amazon Machine Image and EC2 for ML/DL
    • SageMaker
    • MLaaS

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