Open position: at TOP-IX (Torino)

[Added November 2017]

TOP-IX has an open position for data scientist who wish to join TOP-IX team working on different scaling approaches.

Rapidly growing interest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science leads to the fact that data processing techniques are becoming more and more common in modern business environments, no matter what sector you are considering. While the data ecosystem is booming, the demand for ready-to-scale full-stack (from data gathering to data analysis) pipelines is also constantly growing.

The project aims to address and investigate different scaling approaches (cloud computing, HPC, HPC in cloud) and direct impact on “traditional” networking infrastructures (protocol, topology & management).

The perspective is to use TOP-IX Internet Exchange as the real testbed for this project by leveraging the distributed infrastructure, the peering agreements with large network operators and content providers as well as the collaboration with CoeGSS (EU project about HPC and Global System Science where TOP­IX is one of the main partners).

To apply contact: Christian Racca