On and beyond 3rd-party cookies

Presenter: Nikhil Jha
Monday, January 23rd, 2023 17:00
Location: SmartData@Covivio

Interaction with cookies is ubiquitous in users’ experience on the Web. In particular, 3rd-party cookies are used, among the rest, to offer users personalized advertisement, acting as a core element in the multi-billionaire advertising market. However, the usage of 3rd-party cookies poses a severe threat to the Web user’s privacy and will be thus soon discontinued after years of debate between privacy advocates, legislators, and market entities.
New techniques are being proposed: Google’s Topics API is one of those, and the most discussed. It aims a finding a better trade-off between privacy and the utility of the data. In this presentation, the speaker will introduce how Topics API works, and discuss some preliminary analysis.

Biography: Nikhil Jha is a third-year PhD student and Smartada@Polito member, working on the topics of privacy-preserving analytics under the supervision of Prof. Marco Mellia and Martino Trevisan, PhD. In 2020, he has obtained a double Master degree in ICT for Smart Societies at Politecnico di Torino and Data Science and Engineering at EURECOM, Sophia Antipolis. In the last months, he has focused on alternative solutions to 3rd-party cookies.

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