Alessandro Ciociola

PhD Student - Data Science, Simulation Environments, Big Data, Machine Learning

PhD Scolarship: Data-driven study and Design of Innovative solutions for Urban Mobility

Alessandro is a PhD student in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering at Politecnico di Torino.

He got his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Master’s degree in ICT for Smart Societies, both at Politecnico di Torino. In 2017, following the development of an Interdisciplinary Project within his Master’s degree, he co-authored his first paper and attended IEEE Smart Cities Innovation conference in San Francisco.

In December 2019, he joined SmartData@Polito as a Graduate Research Fellow. During the following year, he was involved in a research project with General Motors and co-authored three papers accepted at IEEE conferences.

Since November 2020, he is PhD student atSmartData@Polito under the supervision of Marco Mellia, Luca Vassio and Danilo Giordano.

His main research interest is applying Data Science techniques to study sustainable mobility and urban intelligence. In particular, he is using real world data to study serviceability, sustainability and scalability of different mobility solutions.