Consent Management Platforms: Growth and Users’ Interactions over Time

In the following post, we offer the data and the code to replicate the figures regarding CMP adoption included in the paper “Consent Management Platforms: Growth and Users’ Interactions over Time“, currently under revision.

In summary, the paper shows how Consent Management Platforms have become popular in the last 9 years, and are nowadays used by 42% of websites based in GDPR countries. The paper also analyses user behavior with Privacy Banners, showing how the banner design and the presented options impact the user’s choice.

Data and code are available for download at the following address:

The datasets

The repository includes three datasets:

  • HTTP-9Years summary: it includes the HTTP-9Years dataset in a summarized form. For each website, it reports uniquely the number of CMPs and Trackers
  • HTTP-9Years detailed: it includes the HTTP9-Years dataset in a detailed form, as it indicates which CMP and Tracker is present for each website
  • HTTP-Dec2023: the dataset for the last snapshot, containing the top-1M websites worldwide

The following table summarizes the salient features of the dataset:

The code

We offer a Jupyter Notebook to reproduce the plots in the paper. You need Python3, Jupyter Lab, and the libraries pandas and fastplot.

Running the Notebook, you will obtain the plots included in the paper, such as the following one, showing the CMP adoption rate in various countries of Europe.