Complex Networks and Machine Learning

Presenter: Silvia Giordano
Friday 25th May, 15:00
Location: Maxwell conference room” – 5th floor of the Electronic Department
Politecnico di Torino – Corso Castelfidardo 42, Torino


As the world grows, all its elements become more and more complex, but the world becomes more globally connected, and its elements more interconnected and interdependent. Complex Networks Theory provides tools and frameworks to dive into the patterns and dynamics of connectivity underlying behaviors of such complexity, by understanding interconnections and interdependencies.

Many of such complex systems are characterized by a large amount of data and the more powerful algorithms to deal with them are the Machine Learning ones. However, Machine Learning solutions act primarily as black boxes and do not give room of maneuver.

We examine the benefits of combining Machine Learning and Complex Networks for potential tradeoff, and we give some quantitative measure with the example of some specific study-cases.


Prof. Silvia Giordano holds a PhD from EPFL, Switzerland. She is currently the head of the Networking Lab (NetLab) in the Institute of System for Informatics and Networking (ISIN), co-responsible for the Social application area and direction member of ISIN, at the University of Applied Science and Arts – SUPSI in Ticino, Switzerland. Since October 2001, she is an associate researcher at CNR, Pisa.

In 2017 she received the Stars in Computer Networking and Communications of ACM. In 2015, she received the 1000 Talents of Tianjin Municipality. In 2014 she was awarded ACM Distinguished Scientist and became Distinguished professor of the University of Tianjin. In 2013, she became ACM Distinguished Speaker.She is co-editor of the book (IEEE-Wiley 2004), and a new edition, with title (IEEE-Wiley 2013).

Her main research interests are Complex and Social Networking, Wireless and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Opportunistic Computing and Networking, Human Mobility, Pervasive Computing and Networking, Quality of Service and Traffic Control. She has published extensively on journals, magazines and conferences in the areas of quality of services, traffic control, wireless and mobile ad hoc networks, and her H-Index is 36. She is series editor of several important publications in her areas of interest. She is in the organization of the major conferences in her areas of interest and is co-founder/steering committee member of several important international events and is/was on the executive committee and TCP of the most relevant international conferences.

She is a senior member of ACM, IEEE Computer Society, and IFIP WG 6.8. She is in the Board of the ACM N2Women.