Alta Scuola Politecnica: Winter School 2019

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: promises and pitfalls in blending new and traditional approaches in manufacturing and service sectors

ASP XIVcycle – Winter School 2019
Location: Loano (SV), Italy
When: March, 11 –15

The course intends to explore the main challenges and perils produced by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the way it requires to balance and integrate old and new approaches in architecture, design, and engineering. Specifically, the School aims to offer students comprehensive knowledge on the tools and skills needed for designing and engineering of products, services, and manufacturing processes in a context of digital transformation.

In the School the challenges of digital transformation will be discussed at three levels. At the macro level, the School provides an interpretation of the social and economic implications of digital transformation and it will offer a comparative analysis of its characteristics and effects across industries, within and outside the manufacturing world. Contextual factors will be considered. While digital transformation enables global innovations, economic regulations and institutions are still at a local level. This implies an understanding of the factors that can facilitate or hinder the success and the replicability of digital transformation initiatives across different industries.

(a) Download: ASP Winter School 2019 complete program

(b) Download: XIV-The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Syllabus