Welcome to new SmartData@PoliTO’s members!

A year and a half after the Center’s activities began, we are pleased to welcome colleagues who join our community.
We are therefore pleased to formalize the adhesion to the SmartData@PoliTO Center of the following colleagues and colleagues:

  • Luca Cagliero – DAUIN – who deals with ML and AI and their applications in general
  • Andrea Calimera – DAUIN – which deals with the design of power circuits for AI applications
  • Tania Cerquitelli – DAUIN – which deals with ML and AI, with applications to Predictive Maintenance
  • Michela Meo – DET – which deals with ML and big data applications in telecommunications and energy sectors
  • Emilio Paolucci – DIGEP – which deals with economic models and the impact of big data in general
  • Gianluca Setti – DET – which deals with the design of circuits for ML and AI, and applications in general of the same in IoT

Meanwhile, we are joined by other PostDoc and RTD-A

  • Daniele Apiletti – takes service from RTD-A to DAUIN on a place financed by the center
  • Martino Trevisan – has completed his PhD, and is now postdococtoral at DAUIN and works on the HPC4AI project

Last – two students started their PhD – winners of the spring session:

  • Thomas Favale – DET
    • Advisor: Mellia + Drago + Giordano
    • Thematic: Cybersecurity & IoT & ML
  • Flavio Giobergia – DAUIN
    • Advisor: Baralis + Mellia
    • Thematic: Sentiment analysis

Welcome to all new SmartData@PoliTO’s members and good work!