Scientific Board

Project Coordinator:

Mellia Marco, Associate Professor – DET

His research interests are in traffic monitoring and analysis, and in applications of Big Data and machine learning techniques for traffic analysis, with applications to Cybersecurity and network monitoring in general. He has co-authored over 200 papers and holds 7 patents. He was awarded the IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize in 2013, and several best paper awards.  He is Area Editor of ACM CCR, and part of the Editorial Board of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking and of IEEE Transactions of Networks and Service Management. He was program chair of several conferences, including ACM CoNEXT, IEEE TMA, ITC, etc. More information are available here

Member of the Steering Board:

Elena Baralis, Full Professor – DAUIN

Her current research interests are in the field of database systems and data mining, more specifically on mining algorithms for big databases and sensor/stream data analysis. Her research activity focuses on the study of algorithms for diverse data mining tasks on Big Data, including association rule mining to discover correlation among data at different abstraction levels, the extraction of knowledge for performing predictions (classification task), grouping of similar data (clustering task) and extracting summaries from textual data (summarization task). More information are available here



Paolo Neirotti, Associate Professor – DIGEP

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Francesco Vaccarino, Confirmed Assistant Professor – DISMA

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Andrea Pagnani, Associate Professor – DISAT